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The following is a guest post from Ann, a freelance writer for and

At a time where everyone is crunching numbers and trying to get by, it seems the prices are hitting an all-time high rather than getting cheaper. If the companies aren’t going to help you save money, you are going to have to help yourself.

One helpful way to save money, that’s relatively easy and beneficial, is by using mobile apps on your mobile device.

Tips – Money Saving Mobile Apps
Try searching for free apps first. Just because you see one that costs money doesn’t mean there isn’t another that is similar, but free.

Only buy apps you are certain you will use. Otherwise it will be a waste.

The point of shopping apps and coupon apps is to SAVE money. Don’t end up spending more and justifying why you did. Most of us are guilty of that.

Don’t let apps run in the background. It drains your battery and requires more recharges. To that end, also ensure that while you are using all these new money saving apps, that you are aware of your data plan and don’t go over. For instance, most T-Mobile phones have affordable data plans, but I recently called them to see if there was a way to lower my bill. In doing so it would have cost me more money, not less.

Money Saving Apps

ATM Hunter – I recently sent my brother with my ATM card to withdraw money for me. He took out cash from a machine that wasn’t my bank, so there was a $2.95 fee to get the money and an additional charge of $1.50 from my bank. Why you ask? His answer was he didn’t know where the bank was and just went to the nearest ATM. This app helps to avoid that very scenario by finding locations to your bank. You can also sort the results by features such as drive through-access and directions to the ATM.
Available: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Expensify – This app helps to track your spending while also syncing your credit cards and bank accounts so you can follow your purchases. It is then filtered into a friend expense report. One of the best uses of this app is the ability to take a photo of receipts to file them into an electronic record. I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly losing my receipts!
Available: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Gas Buddy – The cost of gas is a hot topic and the prices keep rising. With this app, more than 22 million drivers report the price of gas when they fill up, then the app uses the data as well as your location to pinpoint nearby stations, along with prices per gallon and directions.
Available: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Grocery IQ – This app, operated by, makes grocery shopping easy and cost-efficient. Scan the barcodes of the products you want at home and the app generates a grocery list. It will also show you if there are coupons available. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve clipped coupons only to leave them home. Oddly enough, I never forget my phone so you can see how this might be helpful.

RedLaser – This app transforms your iPhone’s camera into a barcode scanner. Just scan the items you want and the app will search the web and provide detailed product descriptions with reviews and also best prices and coupons on anything from a textbook to a movie and everything in between.
Available: Android, iPhone

Eyeona – I found this app on one of my favorite sites, Gizmodo. It scans the receipts of items you’ve purchased and when they go on sale, it alerts you so you can head back to the store for a credit.
Available: Android, iPhone

There are several thousand more apps – with more becoming available all the time to help you save money, but this is a good start. Every penny counts!

Ann Fleming is a freelance writer for and She has a knack for clarifying the more complex side of technology and how to use it for the average person. When she’s not obsessed with the newest gadget, Ann is chasing her young son around the house or hiking nearby Camelback Peak.

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