Saving by Downsizing


In today’s culture of the bigger, better, faster, more expensive mentality, going smaller or cheaper isn’t on a lot of people’s minds. It should be. If you’re a recent empty-nester or simply moving to another state or neighborhood, consider downsizing. Having the biggest house on the block might be fun for a while, but the … Read More →

4 Secrets Auto Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You


You probably have no idea just how complicated looking for car insurance can be. If you stayed in the same general area you grew up in, you probably just took out a policy with the same company your parents use, or maybe you moved to a small town and the insurance office just down the … Read More →

How to Get Low Car Insurance Rates at Any Age

Car Insurance

Shopping for insurance is never fun, but it can be a little less painful if you get a good deal. Luckily, there are actions that drivers of any age can take to lower their insurance rates. Teens Insurance rates for teenage drivers are often high because they are considered risky drivers. To make sure you … Read More →

Innovative Insulation Tips You Can’t Resist


Heating bills seem to get higher every year. Fortunately, making just a few adjustments to your insulation can increase the energy efficiency of your home significantly. Here are five areas of your house that you can insulate better at relatively low cost. 1. Windows Windows are one of the main areas of a home that … Read More →

Shopping Sales and Following Sales Cycles #ResolutionSolution


Grocery stores and manufacturers work hard to push out their best sale prices to you on a weekly basis through their store circulars. If you follow along closely, you’ll notice that most products operate on an 8-12 week sales cycle. You’ll also find that “product families” all go on sale at the same time, for … Read More →

9 Savings Tips for Newlyweds


The following is a guest post from Edson: One plus one equals two, right? Normally, yes, but often the numbers do not seem to add up for newlyweds who are combining their finances. Marriage means two people to foot the bills, but combined income can also push a couple into a higher tax bracket, add … Read More →

Target REDcard Benefits: 5% off, FREE Shipping, and More

Target REDcard Benefits

Target REDcard Benefits: 5% off, FREE Shipping, and More Everyone is looking for ways to save money while shopping in stores. One of the easiest ways to save money at Target is by obtaining a Target REDcard. Target REDcards are available in credit and debit versions, but offer the same benefits. By signing up, you’ll … Read More →

Buy or Walk on By? Bargains to Avoid at Any Cost


Have you ever been shopping and as you stroll up and down the aisle, you catch a big, colorful “Sale!” sign in blinking lights out of the corner of your eye that makes you stop dead in your tracks? You were not shopping for that particular item but you are forced to stop because the … Read More →